Best places to visit in Rajsamand with Udaipur taxi tour
July 9, 2019
Top Tourists Attractions in Udaipur
August 5, 2019

As we all know Udaipur is one of the charming cities lying deep in the western reaches of Rajasthan. As it is such an enticing place to visit so tourists come here from all around the world. There are a lot of us who are planning to visit one of the most favorite destinations of all Udaipur. And then the first thing that will strike your mind will be what to see there? So get ready to have an amazing visit because there are lots of things to do in Udaipur. The alluring beauty of the lakes, imposing palaces and forts, this desert place is also known as ‘White City’ and the ‘Venice of the East’.

 With the help of the Udaipur Taxi Tour, your vacation will surely become the most memorable one.

Here are the things you can do in Udaipur:-

1 Explore the City Palace

City Palace is Rajasthan’s largest palace, with a facade 244m long and 30.4m high. Surmounted by balconies, towers, and cupolas towering over the lake, The City Palace of Udaipur is another marvel of Rajasthan. City Palace is a majestic sight, Constructed over a period of 40 decades. The structure is a nice blend of Chinese, medieval, and European forms of architecture. You can easily reach the City palace with the help of Car Rental Service in Udaipur.   

Timings: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

2 Admire the beauty of Lake Pichola

Once you entered the City one of the best things to notice is spectacular Lake Pichola. Lake Pichola was built in 1362 and is surrounded by beautiful architectural work. Covered by palaces, temples and bathing Ghats and surrounded by elevated hills on all sides, Lake Pichola is known as the serene lakes in Udaipur.

3 Fateh Sagar Lake – Watch The Sunset Over The Lake

Located in the northern part of Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake was built by Maharana Jai Singh and is the second most beautiful artificial lake in Udaipur. Watching the sunset over the Fateh Sagar Lake is one of the most romantic things to do in Udaipur for couples. This is one of the four most attractive lakes in Udaipur.The most interesting thing at Fatesagar is a stunning view of the lake and Aravalli Hills.

4 Visit Jagdish Temple

Udaipur also has some renowned temples that one should visit during the trip. This is a large Hindu temple located in the center of the city. Earlier known as the temple of Jagannath Rai, this is one of the top attractions in the city of Udaipur. With intricate architecture and carvings, it is an unmissable landmark in the Lal Ghat area near the entrance to the City Palace.

5 Ride the Ropeway

Nowadays Riding the ropeway has become a popular tourist activity for people coming into Udaipur because of the thrill and the view they get upon traveling in it. If you are looking for adventure things to do in Udaipur, then no wonder riding the Ropeway would be a quaint experience you would ever have. As there is a viewing platform here, this is also a sunset viewing location and the views are scenic from here.

Udaipur sightseeing tour package can also help you in visiting these amazing and unmissable places.

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